Friday, August 21, 2009


I think I had spent my entire vacation going to malls. It's getting tiring and quite sickening, but hey, that's the first place that comes to mind when there's zilch to do. Plus, malls are the most strategic places to meet friends. So anyway, I finally got the chance to meet up with an old friend from high school, Dhita. It was so much fun! Nurry, a friend from my German course also came along because as it turned out Dhita also knew her. What a tiny world eh?

with Nurry

shoe shopping with Dhita!

We ate sushi then spent the whole day going in and out of stores, trying on clothes and chit-chatting. That day Zara was having its final reduction sale, so i spoiled myself by buying a floral skirt and a denim color dress. It was totally worth it!

my broken white semi-gladiators.

A couple of weeks ago I accompanied my sister to the German Embassy. We arrived too early so we went to Plaza Indonesia to get coffee. We had to cross the street, walk up the stairs to get to the other side of the road then walk a lot more to get there. Pretty exhausting, but when I got my caramel frappuccino, life's good :P

very casual. Zara top & jeans, DKNY shoulder bag and the knitted cardigan's from Heritage.

Reunited with my Sacred Girls

It was like a dream come true when Ghea (my childhood friend & also an old roommate) announced that she was paying a visit to Jakarta! You see, I have this girl group called Sacred which my friends and I made years ago. It consists of Ghea, Karina, Muli, Melissa, Wyna and me. Karina was coincidentally in Jakarta and Melissa lives in Jakarta, but unfortunately Muli was in Lebanon and Wyna was in NY. So the four of us met up in pim (as always) and we had so much laugh that day!

from left to right:
Mel, Ghea, Karina, Me

Check out how short I am!

i love my girls
Outside Plaza Senayan, about to cross the street to get to Senayan City

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