Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bye-bye for now, but i'll see you in about 3 months!

So my sister finally took off to Hamburg, after longing to go there since forever hehe.. She definitely deserved it and from what she told me I think she's having lots of fun there. I really miss her and my folks, but I've got amazing friends here so that makes up for my loneliness :). Anywaay, my sister promised to bring back a lot of clothes and accessories when she returns. So yeaay, can't wait!

My sister and I at the airport

Check out some of the stuff my mom got me!I am in love w/ this purple bolero :))

all of these are from zara :P
see how obsessed i am with that shop?
Thank you mom!

Credit to my sister for taking these photos.


heylarashere said...

rimmm u know what ! ak hmpir beli that semi-froral dress nyaaa zaaraaa ... tp ada yg lbi mengalihkan plihan lain, gajadi de hahahha

Slim Sleeve said...

oh yaa? hahaha gw itu dibeliin nyokap, kalo boleh milih sih gw milih yg lain hihi..