Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Muse: Ade Constantia

I know I've told you that I'll be posting another fashion muse in a month or two, but I really felt like writing this post right now. Plus, Ade just replied my message (I asked her if I could use her photos or not) and she said yes so yeaay!

Unlike the post I've written on Mesty Ariotedjo, unfortunately I don't have the full details of Ade Constantia's background. I do know that she is currently studying at the London College of Fashion and that she has the most AMAZING taste in clothes and styling!

Note: The people I have chosen for the Fashion Muse article are all Indonesian :-)

the lemon chiffon bolero is to die for!

Colorful kimono for summertime

Top Notch

i am in love with her wool top (and also the fur vest in the middle)

Truly inimitable and inspirational

The hat reminded me of Robin Hood's

it all boils down to how you wear your clothes
and Ade here is a savvy at that

Oh how I'd love to take a look at her closet! She always and i mean always looks ravishing! I've admired her style since I first discovered her on facebook :) She was also featured in Yvan Rodic's blog ( a couple of times (three times if i'm not mistaken). So, are you a fan now?



Astari Pahlevi said...

hey! I happen to know Ade Constantia and that's how I accidentally (and luckily) found your amazing blog. I really adore your taste of fashion. Good job Girl! Bravo!

PS: I have some good recommendations for your list of Fashion Muses...

Slim Sleeve said...

hey there!

Oh wow thank you! It's always great to hear feedback from other bloggers, either good or bad and it's so nice to hear that you like it :)

Yes a lot of people know Ade and her great style hehe, and apparently you're one of them. Please do tell me your recommendations of the people I can write in the fashion muse section. I really need a new source since I haven't written in a while now hehe.

Thanks a lot for reading my blog :)