Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fashion Muse: Mesty Ariotedjo

Have you ever looked at someone and thought 'Oh wow, she is flawless and perfect in every way!' and how you secretly wish you could be more like that person? You sort of see that person as your icon, a person you look up to. Inspired by that, an idea came across my mind and I decided to make a post on inspiring women! Not just any women, but those who really are worth your attention because of their beauty, grace and of course great sense of style. The first person I immediately thought of was Jakarta's Socialite, Mesty Ariotedjo.

The young beauty is a university student at The University of Indonesia, majoring in Medicines. Coming from a wealthy family background and being surrounded by other socialites doesn't make her boastful, in fact she is very down-to-earth and friendly. In her spare time, Mesty is a working model and also a spokesperson for Clinique Suisse Indonesia. You can also see her playing harp for Atas Nama Rakyat at TV1. Besides harp, she also plays violin, saxophone, flute and guitar. I know, WOW! It's clear to me that music plays an important role in her life.

Not only is she intelligent, talented, gorgeous and modest, she's also highly fashionable. She admitted that it was her mother (Arti Ariotedjo) who encouraged her to dress up and often helped her pick out her clothes, shoes, bags and accessorizes. Great job tante :-D

Dressed up for a Clinique Suisse Ad

Mesty posing with her favorite instrument, the harp

Attending a Biyan Fashion Show

always in style

As one of the Jakarta Fashion Week 09

with socialite friend Cicilia Jessica Sadikin

Mesty and her mom. Both are exceptionally stunning!

In conclusion, Mesty is ...
very classy!
She is officially my role model, no doubt about that.

P.S. I had fun writing this article! Oh and I did ask Mesty's permission first before I used her photos and she was so nice about it :) Thanks Mesty! I'll be featuring the next fashion muse, probably in a month or two (depending on the number of assignments I have, yikes!). See you til then!

Source: Koran Tempo (http://www.korantempo.com/korantempo/koran/2009/06/07/Profil/index.html)

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