Monday, September 14, 2009

September's Picks

This month's dashing celebrities!
These fine-looking ladies are keeping it light and simple.

Clémence Poésy pulling a black and white look

Lo looking lovely in a lavender dress

Alexa Chung goes preppy with a light apricot colored cardigan

The Fashion Guru strikes a pose in a see-through dress

Emma Watson dons a black piped sheer
Christopher Kane sheath dress

Okay, this one is no celebrity :P
I tried on this magnificent dress just for fun.

I am so liking these soft pastel hues and I find it very fitting and flattering when a woman wants to show off more of her feminine side. Plus you can wear these colors any time of the day and at all sorts of events, be it a casual gathering, a cocktail party, a satuday night out with your friends, and so on. My favorite is a cross between light beige and creme. Oh and also soft peach!


VieRa said...

omg rima!!! i tried the same dress...from zara yah

it looked so nice but the tankie inside seems out of the place =[

Slim Sleeve said...

lol! hahaha yeah you're absolutely right! but it's still a pretty dress ya :D

Nina said...

I love your blog!!!!!!! :) Keep posting worthy stuffs :)

Slim Sleeve said...

ohh thank you! i definitely will :)