Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pink Ribbon

As you probably know, October is internationally known as Breast Cancer Month and there's this foundation called "The Pink Ribbon Foundation" whose aims are to prevent and cure breast cancer. So this year they are selling a lot of really pretty merchandises like bracelets, lip gloss, pink ribbons, badges and a lot more.

Incidentally, my mom bought me this pink ribbon bracelet from Pink Ribbon (she got it in the plane haha). It's ultra cute! It's a mixture of beads, pearls and also little charms.

The Pink Ribbon day is on the 26th of October, so if you want to support the foundation you should go get one :)

Visit their website at:

Btw, this is so off topic but i had to share my love for Kinder chocolate! best chocolate everr.. the taste is so light and when it melts inside your mouth it's soo good! I remember the first time i ate it was when I was 5 or 6 years old. Kinder surprise was my ultimate favorite because it was always fun to discover what cool toys are inside!

Since my mom is visiting from Germany, she brought me these wonderful Kinder chocolates! I don't exactly know what these are called, i guess Kinder bars?

So tell me what's your favorite chocolate :-)?


Anonymous said...


love ur blog rim...
keep posting!! hehehe...


Slim Sleeve said...

Yaahh ed coklatnya abiss soalnya cuma dibawain satu kotak itu sm nyokap hehe. Eh tp gw ada permen. ntar gw bawain yaaa :D