Thursday, November 19, 2009

Model Behavior

Tall, skinny, amazing skin-- well to sum up, beautiful.. Those are some features of a model. But international models have taken it to the next level. Not only are they drop dead gorgeous, this era's models have an astonishing and queer style too! Take Tao Okamoto for example, this fresh rising Japanese model is recognizable for her bowl-cut hair and poised stance. Watch out for her cos she's the next big thing!

Tao Okamoto

My other favorite models...

Chanel Iman

Ali Michael

Iekeliene Stange

I have always loved the models featured in Teen Vogue. I especially love this issue of the magazine:

The cover featured Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman and Ali Michael. All young, career-driven and absolutely stunning! I must say I am currently obsessed with Ali Michael's eyebrows, LOL. Is that weird? Well it's just she has really thick and nicely shaped eyebrows and it makes her stand out. And it's such a contrast to her porcelain-color skin.

That's about it :-)