Saturday, December 19, 2009

End of 2009

The holiday is finally upon us!

After weeks of burden due to the piles of assignments from school, I can finally relax again-- well at least for a while. I have 2 weeks off so that's enough time for me to do the things I've put on hold, such as heading back to aerobic classes! Which brings me to my New Year Resolutions. Drum rolls pleaseeee (if you wanna skip reading this part, go ahead :P). Here they areee:

1. Lose 2-5 Kg (not positive about this)
2. Save up money for summer vacation to europe!
3. Really make time for studying cos i really don't want to fail any subjects and attend summer classes..

That's about it. I guess I don't obsess about resolutions anymore like i used to. Back in the old days i fussed about it so much, i ended up not succeeding in any of it. So in 2010 I'm just taking it slow and what matters is I'm happy :)

Moving on.. as I was looking through teen vogue and some other websites, i came across a couple of fantastic celebrity party/event pictures which I am thrilled to share with you all.

Alexa Chung and Emma Roberts

Kate Bosworth with Christian Bailey

Kirsten Dunst

Camilla Belle

Model Kasia Struss

Lily Cole and Zelda williams

Irina Lazareanu in Helmut Lang

Ashley Olsen with Justin Bartha

Valerie Boster and Coco Rocha

Aren't they all so pretty? Owning at least one fabulous dress is mandatory for every girl, agree?

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