Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fashion Muse: Dana Maulana

Dana Maulana, one of the designers of the brilliant Indonesian brand Danjyo/Hiyoji, is an undeniably creative person and someone who continuously thinks outside the box both for his designs as well as his personal style. Just recently, his brand was awarded Best Innovative Local Brand 2009 by the Cleo Fashion Awards during The Jakarta Fashion Week. Congrats on the achievement! You guys truly deserve it :-)

I got to see his designs and meet him during the Brightspot market!
First impression, what a friendly guy!

Anyway, I truly admire Dana's sense of style because it's quirky and I feel like each ensemble tells a story. Take a look at these photos for instance:

The straw hat is oh-so-lovely!

inseparable from bold & striking accessories

I am excited to see his new designs which thankfully I will get to see during the next Brightspot Market! I have no doubt that it will all be very very fantastic!

Will I be seeing you there then?

Photos are taken from Dana's personal facebook account.

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