Friday, January 15, 2010

Fashion Muse: Ghea and Nina Priatna

Good day readers!

It's been quite some time since I last posted an article for the Fashion Muse category. Let me assure you though, it's worth the wait hehe. You'll soon discover why :-)

This post is doubly special because instead of only featuring one fashion muse, this time I thought why not make it two? That's when I realized Ghea and Nina Priatna are the perfect people to represent this idea! So..

Say hi to ghea!
Ghea portrays a ballerina in this black tutu-like
skirt worn with black tights

( click to enlarge photo)

Looking elegant in a traditional Kebaya

Working it at Nisa Riphat's fashion show

The coat, the skirt, the bag--

The Fashionable duo

a natural beauty

and now, meet Nina!

Nina dons a fabulous black coat and makes it interesting
by adding an animal print scarf and a cute white bean hat

Navy blue blazer, jeans and a watch--
simple, yet she still manages to look so chic!

flower-patterned tops are
never out of style

a magnificent coat is a great fashion
statement during the chilly winter season

Skirts and flat shoes are the perfect combination
for the summer

The sisters look ravishing in
colorful printed dresses

Aren't they just the prettiest siblings?

Oh and check out a picture of ghea, nina and I when we were so teeny:

Hahaha our old ballet days in Morocco

Big thanks to the Priatnas for allowing me to use their awesome photos.
If you know anyone who's worthy to be the next fashion muse in my blog, please do let me know. Comments are very much appreciated. Thanks!


ichay said...

karima, in some of the pics mukanya mirip2. are they twin?

Slim Sleeve said...

they do look very much alike don't they? but they're not twins hehe.. Ghea is 4 years older if i'm not mistaken :)

daisy sunshine said...

oooh yeah, ghea is my highschool friend when she was in indo. she's totally gorgeous! nobody doubt it.. btw really nice blog, i find it difficult to find some blogs with 'local fashion role' post but you did it, keep in good workkk

Slim Sleeve said...

yeah she's really pretty ya hehe. thank you for the wonderful compliment! i read your blog and i love how you edit your posts. keep posting =)