Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion Muse: Adinda Astrid Hermaini

Before introducing the next fashion muse, I'd like to say a couple of things regarding my blog. Don't worry it won't take long :)

So I started writing this blog because of my interest in fashion. I have always admired the way a person dresses and how he/she puts a lot of thought into it. I think the way we dress tells a lot about who we are, sort of like a statement. It starts from the colors we choose, then the style of our clothes and finally and most importantly, is how we wear them.
Which is why I thought blogging about the people with a great sense of fashion would be a great way to show the readers about voguish people, especially Indonesian people. There are so many of them waiting to be discovered.. and without realizing it, you could be one of them ;)

Adinda Astrid Hermaini
, one of the designers and creative directors of a new Indonesian clothing line febianihermaini, has truly captured my attention. One, because she is undeniably beautiful and two because her style portrays elegance and at the same time it shows a fun side of her due to the eye-catching colors of her clothes.

I love how she chooses feminine hues in her ensembles, like salmon pink, lime green, violet and so on. Also not forgetting to add simple accessories to complete her style. Some people try so hard to show that they have what it takes to be noticed, but Astrid here makes it seem so effortless and natural.

A closer look at
Astrid's Personal Style

Celebrating her birthday in this pretty floral dress
Blending in with the nature in Bali
wearing one of her designs-- the peach
charlotte dress

Not wearing a dress this time, but still
capable of maintaining a sophisticated look

Astrid and her sister Ananda Febiani Hermaini, started their clothing line since a year ago and they have shown great potentials in their designs. For the spring/summer 2010 collection they offer two different kinds of colors; there's a section for the more neutral and classical styles called 'The Calm Colors' and there's a section for the more fun colors called 'The Colorful Colors'.

The dresses are so very lovely and they are made from beautiful materials, such as chiffon and linen so you'll be comfortable when you wear them. They are created to fulfill every girl's dream to look naturally beautiful. After all, that is the main function of a dress, right ladies?

Below are a couple of dresses from "febianihermaini":

to see more of their collection simply visit this link :

I'd like to show my gratitude to Astrid herself for letting me blog about her. That's what I love about featuring the people in the fashion muse section, they are so cooperative and very nice about it :)

Thanks for reading!

*The photos displayed in this page are all copyright of Adinda Astrid Hermaini. I have asked her permission first to use these photos.