Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Currently Loving...

How's everybody doing? Good I hope. I had a good sleep last night and woke up pretty early this morning. I have to go to my friend's dorm today but it's not until afternoon so I can chillax a bit.

Since i haven't visited the blogs from my blog list, I thought 'd check it out. I can't believe how left out I am when I saw some blogs I used to check regularly. Like for instance http://stylebubble.typepad.com/, http://www.altamiranyc.blogspot.com/, http://sleepyfawn.blogspot.com/ and a lot more. I used to check those blogs almost everyday so it's kind of surprising to me how I never bothered to visit them again. Oh but i still check the sartorialist, jak and jil, sea of shoes, fashion bits and bobs, garance dore, etc. That's where I get the sources for my blog.

So anyway, today I thought of writing a post about random things I'm pretty crazy about. So no more talking, feast your eyes with these awesome photos I got from various blogs.

Cream Colored Bow paired with an amazing capeSummer Sandals
Blue highlighted hair
Animal prints ballet flats
Louis Vuitton candy color bags
Draw-it-yourself tattoo
I love the idea of dressing up like a boy, i wish i had the guts
to wear clothes like this.

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