Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fashion Muse: Gloria Agatha

Readers, I present to you another young and talented Indonesian designer, Gloria Agatha. The Lasalle graduate who is now continuing her studies in Sydney has always had a huge interest in fashion and designs. Her clothing line, Jii officially started in 2008 and is still going on until now. Her recent debut for the Spring/Summer Collection are simple, easy to wear, and edgy. The collection which was inspired by iconic American aviator pioneer Amelia Earheart, is mostly dominated by neutral colors like brown, creme and white and the models were accessorized with aviator hats, scarves and gold accessories.
I like how she combined femininity with a touch of masculinity that represents tough and independent women. Even though she's still young, I think she's ready to compete with other young Indonesian designers. Bravo to Gloria for doing such a great job!

Edgy Gloria

jii by gloria agatha on wardrobe 2010
spring summer 2010
with the theme "Flying without wings"

Featured in Gogirl! Rated Stylish

Love the latex legging

Very Korean, yes?

ah.. beautiful peep toe boots

Add your own traditional details to your
dress, just like what Gloria did here

Some of her creations that i love

jii by gloria agatha cardigan

yin and yang dress

jii by gloria agatha F/W shawl

jii by gloria agatha clutch

Thank you to Gloria for allowing me to write a post on you. All the luck for your clothing line! Can't wait to see your future designs :)

For more info on her collections, see: http://agathaversatileavenue.blogspot.com/


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