Sunday, August 8, 2010

loving europe

Hey everyone! Sorry I went missing for a while.. it's because I'm having the most amazing time here in europe :) The weather's fantastic, the fashion is beyond magnificent, and don't let me talk about the guys because boy oh boyy are they drop dead gorgeous!

Another thing that I love about spending summer in europe is the fact that there are sales everywhere! And it's getting crazier because now it's up to 70% off which means it's time to spend those hard-earned money you've been saving for on those pretty clothes, shoes, purses, etc etc!

Gotta go! Haven't eaten lunch yet so it's time to spoil my mouth and my stomach ;)

I got this from Zara for a very
special price. Only 4.99 euros!

Ciao Bellas!


Khairunnisa Intiar (Inda) said...

anything for only 4.99 euros in Zara means HUGE sale! I wantt!!! haha...
enjoy the rest of your summer! :D

Anonymous said...

Lucky you!
This year ZARA sale isn't as good as last year's. Dissapointed!

Slim Sleeve said...

Indah: yes i was quite lucky to find a lot of amazing stuff from Zara for a quite generous price!
Thanks! I had an awesome summer, how was yours?

Anonymous: yeah it wasn't as good as last year's but I still managed to find some cute stuff (thank god!) hehe..