Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashion Muse: Cempaka Damayanti Sukarya

The last time I posted a fashion muse was in June?!

My, that was ages ago.. You all must be longing for a new fashion muse, yes? But not to worry because this next lady is such an inspiration both in style and personality, I'm sure you'll love her once you finish reading this entry. And she'll definitely be a great addition to Jakarta's fashion muses too! So I'm not going to postpone it any longer by blabbering here, meet this month's fashion muse Cempaka Damayanti Sukarya.

Cempaka who lives in Utrecht, just recently graduated from Hogeschool Rotterdam and now works at Lush Rotterdam. She says she enjoys working there because she gets to do what she loves. I think I'd feel the same way if I get to smell the lovely handmade soaps and cosmetics everyday hehe..

The reason why I chose Cempaka as this month's fashion muse is because I love the simplicity and elegance in the way she dresses up. Take this picture above for instance, the overall black dress paired with the golden flats just screams 'Très chic!'

I did a little interview (via facebook) with Cempaka and so here's a series of Q&As on her personal style, her thoughts on fashion in Jakarta, and other fashion bits and pieces.

The photos above are my favorites. So high fashion,
don't you think?

S: Can you describe a little bit about your personal style?

"It’s so hard to describe my own personal style…I think I’m a bit of everything, I like to experiment with my style, I even change my hairstyle every month. I try not to get stuck with one attitude or look. I’m not a difficult person I just wear what I want because I like it and I do really have fun with fashion."

"I can be inspired by anything magazines, Internet, a person on the street, my wardrobe and my family. I grew up with fashion around me because my auntie is a famous fashion designer in Indonesia (Ghea Panggabean)." (When asked where she gets her inspirations)

The amaziiing H&M dress from the Garden Collection

S: What is a must have item for this season? What trendy item will not be in your closet and why?

- Anything with leather and studs
- Over the knee boots/ fur lined hiking boots
- Capes
- Military Fashion
- Aviator Jacket as seen at Burberry
- Knitted dress/ Nordic print ass seen at D&G
- Anything with Camel color.
- Bold jewelry
- Woolly socks
- Animal print
- The high waist trousers

As for the trendy item that won't be in her closet..
"a pair of my open-toed shoes or my summer sandals because I don’t want to have cold feet..he..he.."

Looking super classy in this green traditional Kebaya

S: Your favorite designer or brand? And Why?

"My favorite designers are Chanel, Balmain, Alexander McQueen; Dries van noten, and Chloe. I know that I can’t afford to buy them all so instead I just go to my favorite places River Island, H&M, Zara, Top shop and urban outfitters because I always find something I like."

S: We all know that London, Paris, NY, Tokyo and Milan are the capital cities of fashion around the globe. Which city do you consider has the potential to be the next fashion-leading city? Do you think Jakarta could be the next one? Your reason..

"Jakarta could be the next one because the people are fashion- aware and forward. They always follow the newest and most current trend from magazines or even straight from fashion shows. Image and status are very important for them, especially the younger generation, they always want to be different and experiment with their style as we can see from the increasing number of young designers."

"I never leave the house without my earrings"

Add a colorful scarf to your outfit like Cempaka here, it'll add
more flavor to your whole look

S: Last but not least, tell us your favorite fashion quote that has inspired your style :)
“Fashion fade, style is eternal” -Yves saint Laurent

So there you go, a short post on another fantastic fashion muse. Thanks kak Cempie for allowing me to write about you :) I had fun working on this post and I can't wait to find another fashion muse.

Got any suggestions or critics? Or if you by any chance know someone who is worth our attention to be the next fashion muse, do let me know! Just drop a comment in my blog :)

P.S. Cannot wait for the Jakarta Fashion Week in November! Eeep! So excited!!


Cempaka Damayanti Sukarya said...

This post is awesome, i just finished reading your post about me....Thank you so much Karima. aku seneng banget kamu mau tulis post tentang aku di blog kamu, it's an honour :) i really enjoy reading your post....it's amazing!!!!Keep up the good work Girl!!!

Slim Sleeve said...

sama2 kak Cempie :)) i thank you for allowing me to feature you on my blog and also for being enthusiastic about it hehe. toodles!