Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I can't believe I forgot to write a post on my blog's birthday! This blog officially turned one year old on August the 21st (the same day as my dad's birthday) and now it's almost the end of September. so.. happy belated birthday blog! Better late than never right?

Slimsleeve is still at a very young age and I know that it needs a lot of improvements and some changes. I haven't really thought about them but I know I need to add more diversities. That needs some serious thinking though..

On a different note, I'm back in Indonesia. It was quite depressing to leave such a beautiful city. I miss walking around in the centrum, taking the public transportation especially the U-bahn, and of course I miss my parents' apartment.
It was one of the best summer vacations I've had in years and even though I spent more than 2 months in Europe, somehow it felt so short. I'm sure I'll come back one day, I just hope that that opportunity will come soon.

I thought I'd share some photos of me during my vacation. Here they are..

I love mixing colors

Reminiscing in Den Haag

Visiting a friend in Brussels

with my lovely parents at the Indonesian
Independence Day

Saw this green sweater in mom's closet and thought
I should wear it with this matching bag!

Toned down the colors a bit during an evening
fashion show event at Toraja Cafe in Hamburg

My favorite place in Hamburg, the centrum!
I can find all my favorite stores here; Zara, Accessorize, H&M, etc!

Hope you enjoyed it =)
Will be posting something new soon!


Jess said...

Hi Karima,
I stumbled upon your blog by accident and I am glad I did. Just want to say how cool and refreshing your blog is compared to other blogs that focus more on brands and little on style.
I was born in Indonesia but have lived overseas for most of my life. I like the way you articulate your sense of style in your blog and by choosing "fashion muses" who you selected because of their style not because they are the "it" girl/boy at one point in time. I also love, in particular, the way you incorporate elements of the Indonesian culture into your blog. Very unique,a Great job indeed. It'a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

Slim Sleeve said...

Hi Jess,

Oh wow! Thank youu so much for the wonderful compliments! That made my day :D Yes, I chose the people from the fashion muse section mainly because of their great style. I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog :) i'm still a beginner though, so if you have any suggestions for the future posts i'd definitely consider them. Have you got a blog or tumblr? Maybe I could check it out =)

Jess said...

Hi Karima,

Didnt expect to get a reply from you. The compliments are well deserved! I dont have a blog nor a tumblr (to be honest, i dont even know what a tumblr is ^_^ hahaha) , but i do enjoy hunting and reading fun and refreshing blogs like yours for example.
I also love to read fashion magazines like Elle US - even though its very high end but they're good at picking up new & fresh styles that will be "in"; ViVi - a Japanese magazine for teens & young adults that is quite edgy in the designs & styles they feature. Dont know if you can get them in Indonesia, but well worth the read if you can get hold of them.
Oh, and one British TV show that you might like to see, Gok Wan's fix fashion or something like that. He whips up high street brands like H&M/TopShop/RiverIsland and compares them with top designer brands. It's style vs brand. Check them out.
Anyways, Keep up the good work!
Terima kasih!

Slim Sleeve said...

sorry for the late reply :D

I can tell you're really into fashion! I'm curious to read the japanese magazine, Vivi. I hope i can find it here in indo, bet it's pricey though hahaha. Oh and also that british tv show, really really need to check that out. Thanks so much for your suggestions, really thoughtful of you :))