Friday, October 15, 2010


Wednesday, 13th October 2010 was the grand opening of Danjyo-Hiyoji's store at Level One Grand Indonesia. With this celebration, Danjyo-Hiyoji also showcased their latest collection from the Lost Series called "The Escape". Creamy and dusty colored pieces can be found in this collection, such as pleats front camel shorts, structured collar cream shirt, sandy gray polka shirt, blur sky curve pocket kimono, and a green moss half jodhpur. As for the men section, all the clothes are applied with an unexpected touch, combined with clean cuts and structured designs like the mineral cuffed pants and blue coral bubble side outer.

it's love at first sight with these pieces
Doing an interview before the grand opening

There was a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd. Everyone was dolled up and thirsty to see what Danjyo-Hiyoji has to offer. I thought of you guys so I managed to take a few pictures of the guests, models, and of course the creative designers of Danjyo-Hiyoji.

This pretty chick stood out in a batik maxi dress
Gold and silver attributes, smart!
Stripes, shawls, and suspenders. True friends do think alike!
Love 'em creamy colors!the little black dress and the bowl-cut hairstyle
is too adorable!
The designers answering questions from the audience

The models in their Escape collection outfits
Ballerina in clogs
this could be your next DIY project. I'd never be able
to make this though hehe..

Suits and converse
a lot of gray going on here :D
Dana and friend
Liza joking around with FitropRama enjoying his drinkA few examples from The Men collectionEven Mr. Dj was dressed up

For those seeking trendy, quirky, and imaginative looks, The Escape Collection is definitely something you'd want to wear and show off to your friends. So wait no longer and visit their store asap!

Oh! and here's a little something for yall ;)

P.S. All of these photos were taken by me. If you need some of these pictures, pls do ask me first. I'd definitely let you have them :)


Ario Achda said...

wow, cool post!!!

and i'm so glad to find that photo of me and my friends in ur post. Do you mind sending it to my email?

it's the stripes-shawl-suspender photo *i'm in the middle*. If you don't mind pls send it to

I kinda blog too and i followed u already. really nice.


Ario Achda

Slim Sleeve said...

Hey Ario!

thank you for your compliment on my post and also for reading it :) oh wow, who would've thought you're one of the people from those photos hehe.. Oh and I've sent the photos to your email :)

Btw amazing blog! seriously, it's very informative and your english is really goood. Keep posting! I hope we can bump into each other again at other events. Tc!


evita nuh said...

love to read this, now I cursed myself for not coming to the event, it looks so much fun!

Slim Sleeve said...

hi evita!

thanks a lot! it was indeed a great event. too bad you weren't there, otherwise i'd love to take a photo of you hehe. hopefully next time :D


winawirsatyo said...

such a small world.. i recognize one of the girls on these pics rim..hehe

Slim Sleeve said...

reaally win? which one :D?