Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fashion Muse: Stephanie Erlita Arifin

Hello fellow readers!

How was your new years? I hope you all had a good time! Mine was great, can't wait to see what's in store for this year ;)

At the start of 2011, I came up with a lot of ideas that I wanted to pour right away into my blog, but it'll probably take me some time to publish them all. I stumbled upon so many great blogs, photographs, and other artworks online, and it made me realize that people are getting more and more creative each day. Today any ordinary person could become a somebody through the internet. All it takes is consistency, originality, and you're good to go! But who am I to say this? lol. The point is, it's up to you to put good use of the internet. You'll be surprised with what you can come up with and more importantly, how much you will enjoy it :)

Okay so this will be the first fashion muse for this year. I thought it should be special so I found someone with an extraordinary style. Thanks to my friend (Ghea) for showing me this girl's facebook profile. Eager to find out who this person here? Well here she is..

Meet Stephanie Erlita Arifin

"One of the best thing in life is to have arrived home with hands full of shopping bags."

Spotted at the Rosemount Fashion Week SS10

When asked who her style icon is :
"I don't have any because I admire everyone's individual look so at the moment I'm admiring Vika Gazinskaya, Sonia Rykiel, Hamish Bowles, Giovanna Battaglia, Carine Roitfeld, Lady Amanda Harlech and my mother. I also admire everyone who wears great tapered trousers."

"Lately I cherished everything I buy because I put more consideration into them, but I won't ever let go of my YSL cage heels, a grey jumpsuit I got from Etsy for only $30, my Luella boxy jacket & frill skirt, all my Sonia Rykiel clothes, all my AH dresses, nor myvelvet Chanel bag."

"I believe in reincarnation, as in I could've been living in Paris in the Renaissance and be reborn like this."

"My favorite color is very very very pale seashell pink."

For her last semester project, Stephanie created a short film called 'The Fates'. She was the director, writer, production designer, costume designer and editor of the movie. When I watched it, I was gazed by all the dresses, shoes, and other bits and pieces worn by the Stephanie and her friends; not to mention the quirky make up, the amazing view, and the genius concept of the video.

"I'm always passionate about art and art history. I love art that touches my heart and makes me smile or laugh. It frustrates me to see something too vulgar, or too incomprehensible. I love simple art (like kids paintings) that relies on craft and plethoric use of colour and medium."

fancy picnic in feathers and furs

"My fetish is feathers as you can see. I also don't wear anything matchy-matchy and I'll feel naked without accessories especially watches, anything on your wrist. This tends to be the point of argument with my mom."

"To me it's important to be a true lady, but the world's too lazy and modern for girls to be like Audrey Hepburn and the like."

In a D&G blouse and Luella skirt

"I never obey dress codes. When there's a costume party I only put on the nicest dress I have with feathers but for day to day I'll look like I just got home from a wedding. I especially hated colour dress codes. I wanted to be able to wear colour according to my mood,
not someone else's."

Stephanie in the middle, fashioning a Sonia Rykiel top with a Witchery folded harem pants

Looking like a painting herself in this Manoush skirt,
AA bodysuit and Chanel sandals.

Pretty in a shocking pink dress by Alannah Hill
and rocking the Bionda Castano shoes

Sporting a Sportsgirl jumpsuit and a Zara hat

Stephanie on the left, wearing
a Fleur Wood gown and Jeffrey Campbell studded shoes

A very simple combination, but the added
Lucette bird feather bolero added the 'Wow' factor

Discovering the streets in London in a vintage jumpsuit,
Mimco necklace and Midas shoes

"In La Dolce Vita there's a girl who's only on the screen for 2 minutes but caught me for a lifetime, I've posted it before. Every movie with Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn in it are also very stylish." (re: most stylish movie)

"Black tights will always make you look a tad bit taller and skinnier"

1940s fashion
The first thing she notices at another Sartorialist's outfit...

Her favorite stores include anything at The Strand Arcade in Sydney city, anything at Rue St Honoré (especially Colette) in Paris, Assin in Paddington, Selfridges in London, and online stores.

I truly admire Stephanie's style. It's clean, relaxed and very high end.
I'd also like to thank her for letting me feature her on my blog.

More about her :
Stephanie is in a band called Castlefire, you might wanna listen to their music.

Hope you liked my post!
Ciao :)