Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paint My Face

I'm an amateur when it comes to make up but I do love watching make up tutorials on youtube and looking for inspirations from magazines and blogs. With the right techniques and colors, you can achieve any kind of looks, you can even look like your favorite celebrity! It's amazing what make up can do to your face..

So today I thought I'd post a little about make up and I thought who better be featured in this category than Dari Wulan? This stunning young talent has the perfect taste in colors and she knows just the right amount of make up to wear without ending up looking like a clown. Trop belle!

Doesn't she resemble Angelie Jolie?
Photographer:Reita Devita
Photographer: Andra Alodita
Photographer: Nara Pratama
Peacock eyelashes
Don't be afraid to wear bright/neon colors.
For you pale-faces, this will be the perfect trick to add color to your face.

After seeing these photos I immediately wanted to learn how to apply make up the right way! I also need to buy new hues of eye shadows, eye liners, and lipsticks. Oh la la.. I wonder how much it'll cost me :S

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I would personally like to thank Wulan for letting me post her pictures :)) She's such a gorgeous lady and you should know that she's got a great taste in fashion too.

Oh btw I nailed my thesis presentation! I got an A :D yeaaaay! It feels so good to be free from the burden I've been carrying for months! Now the next challenge is for me to get a job. Yikes! Wish me luuuck!

Thanks for reading!