Sunday, March 6, 2011

I do

I came across this breathtaking site on wedding dresses called and I couldn't leave the site because of all the beauuuutiful pictures! I swear i am not exaggerating! The site features real weddings from around the world and offers wedding ideas plus DIY weddings (from DIY bridesmaids cards to DIY centerpieces.) The site also sells used wedding dresses which I'm pretty sure are in terrific conditions.

The 25-year-old founder and editor, Emily Newman, launched Once Wed in March 2008 as the only free listing service for wedding dresses after selling her own wedding dress online. Since then, her blog is viewed over 4 million viewers each month.Wow!

With that being said, I thought I should post something related to weddings. So what's more related to a wedding than the bridesmaid and her wedding dress?

A word of caution, these photos might make you ladies want to plan out your wedding day from now on ;)

so simple and effortless
What caught my attention here is the different hues of pink
of the bridesmaids dresses. It's
such a contrast to the bride's plain white dress.40s wedding theme
notice the classic borders on the veil. It gives such
an innocent touch to the bride.
very nice hair color and hairdo
match your nude colored wedding dress with
colorful flowers as your headpiece
very casual wedding;
the bride with her mini wedding dress and the groom
with his black tie and white shirt
a non-white wedding gown. Love the combination of the colors!
*this makes me weak in the kneesThe picture on the left is so adorable. You can tell
how happy they are :)
Make sure you pick the right bouquet of flowers for
your big day as it is a rather important accessory tooremember, your bridesmaids should look pretty too,
but of course not as ravishing as the bride ;)

Can I just buy a wedding dress or at least try one on just so I could see
what I'll look like on my wedding day?

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