Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashion Muse: Chrystaline Lukman

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating! I hope you all had a great feast which includes turkey and pumpkin pie in the menu. Gobble gobble..
Wow I really miss writing.. Some people have been asking me to post again, which thankfully I can finally fulfill. I have found yet another source of inspiration a few days ago and immediately wanted to share it with you all. Meet Chrystaline Lukman, a young, vogue, vibrant fashionista with pure awesomeness written all over her.

"I don't have a particular person I really like. Most things I like, 
I pick up from things I see on the streets or in magazines"
 Photographer: Florian Hess
Styling Marina de Magalhaes

Born and raised in Berlin, Chrystalline was a fashion major student in London, where she concentrated in fashion styling and promotion. She has done quite a lot of modelling and is still pursuing that career until now, while at the same time running her online boutique called "Zeigeist Onlineshop" (facebook). After spending her whole life abroad, she is now living in Indonesia for the first time. She is eager to get involved in the fashion and modelling world in Indonesia, as well as spreading her wings in her business. "I'm still adjusting to the asian market because adapting is quiet important but I want to try and keep it as much as I can to be me." 
ASOS Marketplace, LoveVintage
Photographer: Narya Abhimata

"Most things I buy aren't particularly expensive or special 
but put together they make something interesting."
Clothing: Sara Arnold
Stylist: Victoria Higgs
Photographer: Jack Soilleux
Make-Up: Gina Blondell

Photographer: Florian Hess
Styling Marina de Magalhaes

Her black colored, bob hairstyle and sharp stare
has become her signature look.

 "I guess I have always had an eye for things... 
not even for beautiful things but just interesting things."

To find out more about this dashing young lady, visit her page at
Thanks for reading! xoxo