Monday, August 20, 2012

How to take Stylish Picture - Fimela Event

I was just browsing online when I bumped into this article in FIMELA, a leading fashion & lifestyle online magazine in Indonesia that talked about this event called "How to take Stylish Picture". I read that Andra Alodita (fashion photographer and blogger) was going to be one of the speakers so I thought I might as well join since I love her work and it looked interesting. Without further a due, I booked a spot online and immediately got the e-invitation in my email.

So on the 10th of August 2012, I rushed to Poste Kitchen + Bar in Kuningan where the event was held hoping that I didn't miss out on much because I was already half an hour late (work and traffic held me back). As I was walking, I could hear the MC's voice and the sound of people clapping. When I entered the restaurant, I could see that the room was already filled with participants (90% of them women). The first speaker, Ratna Irina (Editor In Chief FIMELA.COM) has already started her talk show. Feeling a little bit left out because it had already started, I hurriedly took a seat and gazed at the crowd. Most of the audience were ladies the age of 20 - 35 years old and almost all of them were wearing pink (since the dress code is "Touch of Pink"). 

Not long after I took a seat, Ms Ratna had finished giving her tips. She spoke about how to dress according to your body shape and how to look good in front of the camera. Next, Harumi Sudrajat, beauty blogger from, gave makeup tips on how to look fresh and pretty in front of the camera. She demonstrated her makeup skills on one model and showed that a touch of makeup can make a lot of differences on someone's face. I personally thought her tips were very useful, especially when she explained about the technique of shading. 

Last but definitely not least, Andra Alodita took the stage. I could see that the audience were just as eager as I was to hear what Andra has to say. She explained how to pose naturally in front of the camera without being too "pose-y" and reminded us to smize -- as in smile with your eyes. Now, you might be familiar with this term. Yes, it was quoted from Tyra Banks in ANTM. Apparently smizing really works especially when you want to look effortless in front of the camera. She also showed us the kind of poses we could do when taking pictures. 

After the speakers were done, the MC told us that each of us would be sorted in a group and each group would be lent a SONY NEX-F3 camera to take pictures. Three of the winners with the best picture would win a camera from SONY. So I was grouped with 5 other ladies (who were so nice) and we roamed around the restaurant to find the perfect spots. After several attempts of striking different poses and trying different effects on the camera, the MC finally called us back and told us that time was up.

So we had iftar first and I chatted with the girls and found out that we were all career women. I love meeting new people and since we all shared similar interests, it was quite easy to talk to them.
Half an hour later, the MC announced the winners (2 were from our group, yay!) and the lucky winners got a digital camera from SONY. In the end, each group were called forward and were asked to pose in front of the camera. 

Overall, it was a great event and I'm glad I decided to go. Props to FIMELA and SONY for organizing such a creative event!

We had to demonstrate the "smizing" technique.
Did we nail it ;)?

Me with the sweet Andra Alodita 

Photos are courtesy of FIMELA. No infringement intended.