Friday, September 14, 2012

Tomorrow Land Fashion Show 2012 by (X) S.M.L

Friday, 14 September 2012, me and my dear friend Gita went to (X) S.M.L's annual fashion show in Fairground, Kuningan. They named it Tomorrow Land. The whole theme is airport and terminal-like, starting from the Boarding Pass that we received as the invitation, to the venue of the fashion show where they managed to have a model airplane in front of the catwalk. It was very interesting and for a moment it felt like we were ready to enter an airplane.

As entertaining as the whole concept was, I can't say I was thoroughly pleased with the entire collection. Yes, it was very unique and expressive which is a signature sign of (X) S.M.L, but I found it a little dull in terms of colors. The collection consisted of mostly khakis, grays, whites, dark blue and black, I wish they would have played with bolder hues. Other than that, I think they've done a great job :)

So anyhoo, here are some of the photos I took during the pre-party, fashion show and after-party. I took tons of photos but unfortunately only some turned out o-kay. I'll edit the other ones and will try to upload them asap, but for now enjoy these ;)

Venue Entrance; they named it Terminal (X) S.M.L

The models stepping out of the model airplane.

 Dominique Diyose in red, at the after party

 The always ravishing, down-to-earth Tracy Trinita

 I'm really digging the silver outer wear that 
the girl on the left is wearing. I definitely think it's one of the must haves
for this season.

Pretty in blue

To add more fun to your outfit, be sure to wear
bright colored shoes like Regina here

Semi-formal and casual wears

 Oh and I met another fashion blogger! 
Check out his blog:

Beautiful feminine jumpsuit paired with colorful wedges
 The yellow scarf, mon dieu! J'aime beacoup!

Not only were there girls in the audience, but a lot of guys
also showed up looking fine and well-dressed; like these guys!

Make sure you wear a statement necklace with your
simple black dress like this pretty girl here.

 Clary, Jemima and Alissa
Check out Jemima's chic blog:

 Gita looking very feminine in her blue floral dress

 I really liked this girl's salmon pink blouse and how she paired it
with a slightly golden/silver skirt.

In my opinion, one of the best dressed that night.
Very chic and loving the whole black and white theme.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I apologize to the people posted in these photos for not writing down your names. If by any chance you stumble into my blog and read this post, please drop me a comment and tell me your name :)!

See you at the next fashion event!


regina stacia abigail said...

i cant seem to find my look that u took at the fashion show if u dont mind please send the photo to my email ;) Cheers

Slim Sleeve said...

Hi Regina!

Glad you dropped by my blog :) I've just uploaded your photo, so sorry because I had to do a little editing first as the photo came out very orange-y hehe.

Hope you like the photo!


Jammie said...

Hello dear! I'm Jemima, I'm so glad that my photo appeared on your blog, Thank you very much! Can I take this photo and put in my blog too? Hopefully we can follow each other, Thanks and God bless you :)


Slim Sleeve said...

Hi Jemima!

Of course you can, go ahead =)

God Bless you too.



GC. said...

Hi, Karima.

Came across your blog while lookin for posts regarding (X) S.M.L Annual Show.
Love the photos you've taken.
And I hope you dun mind me putting a link to your post on my blog post of (X) S.M.L annual show.



Slim Sleeve said...

Hi grace :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I actually took a photo of you but it was blurry so I couldn't post it :(

I checked out your blog and I'm really glad I did. I love your personal style and all your posts are interesting.

Hopefully we can run into each other again at other fashion events ;)


putri soe said...

It's nice to read this review! It's a bummer i couldn't make it to the show because of some stuffs.

Putri Soe

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andrew fields said...

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Ines Rivero

Slim Sleeve said...

@Putri Soe : Thank you! It was a very entertaining fashion show. Hopefully you can come to the next one ;)

@Andrew Fields : Glad you found it useful :)

andrew fields said...

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