Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Private Tour to Harry Darsono Museum

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In early March, I got the opportunity to visit one of Indonesia's finest, legendary fashion designers, Harry Darsono's private museum. (For a short profile of him, visit

His museum is located in Cilandak (not far from Citos) and is easily spotted because of the house's European architecture. When my sister and I first got there, the gates were still closed and it took a while until the house guard opened it for us. 

Since the tour starts at 09.00 am and we got there at 08.00 am (haha), we could not enter the house yet. Hence, we decided to take pictures of ourselves just outside the door.

Bear in mind that this is a group tour, so you have to gather at least 12 people in order to reserve a date. Luckily, it wasn't difficult for us to find that many people, so we immediately picked up the phone and got ourselves a date.

Getting there a little too early. The good thing is, we get to be narcistic 
and take photos around the house ;)

When everyone else has gathered and the clock showed 09.00 am sharp, the door was opened and Harry Darsono himself greeted us and welcomed us to his magnificent house/museum. 

 As you enter the museum, Harry Darsono himself
will greet you and introduce himself and the museum

He introduced himself and shared with us his background, from since he was born in 1950 in Surabaya, to his struggle growing up as a kid and teenager because he suffered from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hiperactivity Disorder), but managed to survive and poured his talents to creating one of the country's finest haute couture designs.

Through this tour, not only will you learn about him, the museum, and his creations, but you will also learn that if you have so much passion for something and you're willing to work hard for it, then you can achieve and create something magnificent from him. 

We were all in awe during this tour and you could hear a lot of "ooh.." and "wow.." from all the visitors.

 One of the costumes worn for Julius Cesar

 As a visitor, you get the privilege of trying on one of his collections

 The stairway to his extravagant designs

 Listening to Harry Darsono playing a piece of music on his piano

 Trying on the tiara worn by the Late Lady Diana

 Such a beautiful piece.. 

 Explaining the details of the robe

The second floor of the museum

 Singing "I have a Dream" accompanied
by Harry Darsono's piano rythm

 Closing and farewell from Harry Darsono

 My friend Wina trying on one of his designs

The tour was almost 5 hours long and at the end of the tour we were provided with coffee and tea, light snacks and desserts. You could also get his signature on one of his sketches. 

The entrance fee for this tour is 185k which will be given to his house charity for kids who suffered ADHD. Contact 021 7668553 or 021 7668554 for more information and reservation.

This tour was extremely worth it and I highly recommend you to visit it one with, either with your family or your friends. Do share your stories with me if you end up going there or have visited it before.


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